Volunteering for ISAC-MD committees can be a very rewarding experience. Not only do members find personal gratification in sharing work and security experience and knowledge but it enables individuals to help solve problems, create growth, and succeed. Joining a committee will only benefit the member’s career path as you work alongside the Board of Directors and other committee members that are willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

  • Strengthens team and leadership skills

  • Meet peers and new connections

  • Learn something new, how to streamline old processes and get current with what is trending

In order to find out more information about each committee please reach out to the board representative.

Annual Seminar

Board Representative: Rachelle Walker and Kelley Stachurski

Professional Development

Board Representative: Tessa Goldscher


Board Representative: Mary Lowe

Please do not volunteer if you are unable to fulfill the 1 year commitment. Each committee may have their own requirements.